Classical Music at the Subway

This fall Bucharest is a great place to be if you love classical music. Not only is the George Enescu Festival taking place, but there are a lot of other great events you can attend. You could think of it as the musical equivalent of Fashion Week.
One event I was particularly looking forward to was "Classical Music at the Subway", which I had the pleasure of going to today. This particular project is now at it's second edition, and it's truly impressive and ambitious. The purpose is to bring this musical genre to an audience that otherwise won't probably have the opportunity to hear it.
Think how amazing it is to get back from a long day at work, take the subway (not the most thrilling experience in the world), and then be pleasantly surprised by the sound of music being played right there on the platform. It's something that makes waiting for the subway a great thing, and perhaps that's why you could even decide to stay a few minutes more and not take the first train out.
The people listening to the recital today were smiling from ear to ear; not a hard thing to do, especially since the music, played by Cvartet Capriccio was incredible. If you're interested in hearing a sample you can check out my Instagram account where I uploaded a small clip from the performance, although my phone didn't do the sound justice.

If you're in Bucharest, you can still catch performances in Subway stations around the city until September 21st. Find out more info from the event's Facebook page.

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