Join, or Die! All Hollow #5 Launch Party

As someone who is always interested in the creative field, I have to say that All Hollow magazine is very close to my heart. For those who aren't familiar with it - and let's be honest, you should be! - here's what you need to know:

"All Hollow is a quarterly magazine published in Romania. It is a merger of fashion, music, art, photography, design and literature; an aggregator and a place for experimentation for anyone who wishes to generate original and relevant content."

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since the magazine was first launched; I remember being emailed the first previews and saying to myself "Now this is really interesting and different!" and I'm absolutely thrilled that All Hollow proved to be such a success, growing bigger and better (and more bad-ass) with every number. The magazine is simply amazing to browse through, it's inspirational, unique and very creative, so I'm always waiting for the next number to be published.

Last night I actually attended the fifth number's launch event in Bucharest. It was a great time and I was glad to see and catch up with some people I haven't had that much time to hang out with lately (shoutout to the SARTO made to measure team, Claudiu from InBlindingLights and Emanuel).
Also, I have to admit I got starstruck when seeing the lovely Monica Barladeanu, who is part of the All Hollow team. I am a huge fan, yet I couldn't muster the courage to tell her that.
I was really happy to attend the event, especially since the magazine was so supportive of my latest project, "Summer's End: Expo&Sale", an event where they were media partners and really helped out a lot!
Here are a few photos from All Hollow's launch party, check them out:

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