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The truth is I constantly find myself wanting to shop for new denim pieces: from jeans to jackets or shirts, I want them all. Still, considering how easily denim on denim can go from awesome to horrific, I do my best to keep this desire under control.
Also, another thing that's sort of been constantly on my mind was getting a tattoo. But not just a tattoo, I want the perfect one. However that task is somewhat impossible, because finding something that perfectly expresses my personality proved difficult to find - although it will never stop me from searching and going through loads of inspirational photos. That's why I'm actually curious to hear from you guys - do you have any tattoos? And what design would you think best suits my style?
This post is really a mashup of these two things I just talked about - denim and ink. I personally think they go hand in hand - how about you?

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  1. amazing men selection
    i love you're blog

    i have a new outfit