8 Charming Tablescape Ideas For Perfect Dinner Parties

Go big, but stay home! Nothing sets the mood at a dinner party better than a beautiful tablescape. In a perfect world, amazing food is complemented by an equally delightful decor, so why not go the extra mile for an event that your guests will talk about for a long time?
A few general guidelines you should always keep in mind when throwing a dinner party:

It's all about the occasion - from extravagant to minimal, from formal to casual, there are a lot of ways to decorate the table, depending on the occasion. That means you can do anything, starting with a few freshly picked flowers, and go as far as placing gifts for guests on the table, there's really no reason to limit your creativity.

Themes add to the magic - draw inspiration from nearing holidays, or do something that goes hand in hand with the season: pumpkins for example are a great touch for Halloween, leaves will remind the attendants of fall, Christmas ornaments are perfect for the winter season, and so on.

Seating is everything - you don't want to have that awkward silence between your guests. Make sure to put a bit of thought into the seating arrangements and take into account if the people standing next to one another have things in common. Also, think of this as the perfect way to introduce new people into the group.

Don't overeat - this one is crucially important: yes, you don't want your guests going home still hungry, but overeating is never good. If you're thinking about a 3 course meal, stop! Yes, it may be delicious, but it will leave your friends stuffed and eager to go back home. Focus instead on two fantastic dishes that will keep them wanting more.

What do you think - are you ready to organize a get together? Here are a few amazing ideas to spark your imagination and that you can surely put to use the next time you're hosting an event:

1. Romantic mood

Lit candles always add a nice, romantic, intimate touch. Make sure to light them before your guests arrive, and put them out after they leave!

2. Small surprises

Do a little something for your guests - leave them a thank you know or a small present, if it suits the occasion.

3. It's all white

The color palette you choose says a lot! Be careful to limit yourself to the use of as many as three colors.

4. Fairytale feel

Is the weather beautiful? take advantage and move the dinner party outside - that means backyard or rooftop. Hang a few lights and you've got the perfect fairytale mood.

5. Less is more

You don't need an impossibly high budget to get a powerful effect. Even something as simple as a few flowers and branches can go a long way!

6. Go above and beyond

Think of the space as more than just the table. You can also hang ornaments for a more dramatic effect.

7. Don't overdo it

Be careful to leave a bit of space for the actual food. The tablescape has to be not only beautiful, but also practical!

8. The smell of success

Flowers are always a great idea. They are both beautiful to look at, as well as great to smell.

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