8 Rooms in 1 | The Transforming Apartment in Soho

You've seen efficient design, but never like this! Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger takes his 420 square foot SoHo studio apartment to an entirely new level, by packing the functionality of 8 different rooms into one.
Making the most of small spaces is a matter of growing concern in interior design, as a smart layout allows you to make the most out of any space or budget. A lot of furnishing companies have gravitated towards creating products that blend function and form - we've all seen (and probably own) extending sofas and tables, standing desks, or bunk beds.
However, this wonderful LifeEdited apartment, a prototype for future interior design possibilities, has everything planned out as to elevate the quality of living in a simple studio. Use can use the space as a living area, a home office, a home cinema, a one or two bedroom apartment (thanks to some cleverly placed sliding walls which double as storage spaces), a dining area for up to ten people. Add the kitchen and 2 door bathroom and you've got about 1,000 square feet of functionality all packed into just 400. But if you're thinking to yourself that that's just a recipe for disaster due to clutter, then think again. A minimal design, white surfaces and strategically placed doors create a beautiful living environment that make New York living the best it can be.

And if the design isn't enough to convince you of the project's usefulness, there's an added sustainability factor: solar panels are used for power, and the studio apartment is fully equipped with eco-friendly appliances, such as a convection oven.
What do you think? Is Graham Hill's apartment the future of smart design?

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