Black Autumn | Halloween Special Outfit Post

1. Always stay on sidewalks
2. Never go to a stranger's house
3. Never go out alone

With Halloween just around the corner, you'd best keep in mind these rules! Is your costume ready? Did you buy candy to hand out to trick or treaters? Or are you in for some good old fashion last minute planning?
I myself won't be dressing up this year, but a special post was in order.
You can probably guess where my inspiration for this photoshoot came from: American Horror Story. The latest season, Coven, which features witches, zombies and voodoo, is probably the creepiest one yet and I absolutely love it. So, why not dress in black and go to the woods?
If you'll be spending Halloween at home, my advice is to do a movie marathon. On that note, here are 13 Bone Chilling Horror Movies you just have to watch!

photos by Mihaela Fiscuci

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