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Past trends are always a great source of inspiration; they can constantly be reinterpreted through a contemporary point of view in order to create an updated, modern yet retro vibe. This is the case with Antony Morato's collection, entitled "Reporter '70" - a title that speaks for itself.
There is something really beautiful in how the collection's inspiration is so easy to identify, creating an immediate connection. There are definitely quite a lot of must-have pieces that are simply perfect for fall:

"Reporter '70 translates the charm of the analogic technology, here the symbol of such a remote era evoking a strong sense of nostalgia and tenderness. Inspiration passes by polaroids, films and vintage cameras. Even tough the '70s remains on the background, this style gives birth to a contemporary and modern inspiration. This theme spins around the shades of coffee, mustard, rust, dark cobalt, and beige, often mixed up. T-shirts, knits and jackets are liven up by cuts and contrast fabric insertions that make them unusual and new. There's a broad focus on retro fabrics like Glenplaid, micro petters, pinstripes and faux-solid in the shades of brown and beige with touches of tobacco and dust.This theme is all about of warm, colorful, puffed-up quilted down jackets , jacquard Finnish-styled tricots, alpaca and mohair threads. Reporter '70 offers a wide range of slim fit blazers with revers and important patch pockets to be wore over slim-fit or bootcut trousers."


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