Laid-Back Autumn [Outfit Post]

Is it just me or is it more "autumn-ish" than usual outside these days? Truth be told, I love to see the leaves changing and the rain pouring - I find it oddly relaxing, so I've been taking advantage of things and started catching up on some long overdue reading. I'm not even joking, my wishlist on BookDepository is reaching epic proportions! So many good books, so little time. Right now I'm reading The Maze Runner series, and just started another one - the Nightrunner series, by Lynn Flewelling - fans of Game of Thrones will love it for sure, I know I do. Perhaps after I'm done with it I'll come back with an in-depth review.
Got a bit sidetracked here... perhaps it's the fall fatigue getting to me.
Anyway, as someone who loves layering, the weather outside is the perfect time to mix and match the items in my wardrobe. In these photos, which were taken a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go with a Captain America t-shirt, a denim jacket with an Aztec print pocket (which I love so much that I wore a LOT), basic ZARA black jeans and H&M sneakers. Oh, and please excuse the messy hair - just one of those days, got no real excuse for it.
So I'm leaving you with a few more photos; let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Amazing jacket !!!


  2. Cool look, Costin! I love the jacket! :)