Avanpremiere #13 | Highlights of a Fashion Forward Evening

Fashion addicts had a particular reason to celebrate this week, as the 13th edition of Avanpremiere Fest took place in Bucharest. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, think of it as a condensed fashion week where, during the course of an evening, multiple talented designers preview their latest collections.
I had the pleasure of attending the event myself, and it's been really enjoyable to see how it has grown bigger and better with each edition. This time, 9 amazing collections walked the runway - from up and coming designers such as Cristina Bizu to names that already resonate within the Romanian Fashion community, like Natalia Vasiliev or Ioana Ciolacu.
There have been quite a few surprises during the event so I really wanted to focus on telling you about what I believe were the highlights of the night:

First off, newcomer Cristina Bizu showed her debut collection. She was the first to showcase her collection, and did a great job at that - her pieces were captivating, and most of all fun! There's a real passion behind this designer's work so I'm definitely keeping my eye on her - can't wait to see where she goes on from here.

However, the best collection of the night was in my opinion the one signed by Cristian Samfira. What I really enjoyed was that this particular collection isn't as much about fashion as it is about delivering high quality garments. There's just an incredible amount of thought that went into the design process.

The pieces, which are menswear inspired, are tailored to perfection. It's one thing to put out a flowy dress, and another to create a pair of pants that fit perfectly, as it was the case here. While this was in fact the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection, I believe that the looks are definitely beyond fitting in to that specific season and have a timeless feel.

Also, the attention to details is something that I really responded well to. The female figure is always kept in mind and highlighted accordingly. And perhaps it's my architectural background getting the best of me, but I really liked the twist given to the garments through geometric motifs.
All in all, I was really excited to see the 9 collections, especially since I've been constantly impressed by some of the designers' work throughout the last couple of years. Besides, it's been a great way to catch up with some of my blogger buddies (you'll find them in the sidebar, under "blogs i love"), who were seated next to me.

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