Inside David Karp's Surprising Williamsburg Loft

You know David Karp as the founder of Tumblr, the popular microblogging platform that has taken the internet by storm, but you won't believe what his home looks like.
David proves to be a reluctant technologist outside of the office, and his loft, which is located in south Williamsburg, Brooklyn, reflects just that.
“I don't like screens very much, [..] big bright monitors drive me nuts” says Karp, adding that screens in the bedroom are just "gross" - not what you'd expect from someone who created a site that has everyone hooked in front of their monitors 24/7.
The apartment is built with "analog technology" and has a mildly steampunk feel, according to John Gachot, the principal designer who worked with Karp on the renovation. It is a place dedicated to what is aged and rough: exposed bricks, concrete, steel and reclaimed oak define the space. The loft steers away from anything even vaguely futuristic or technological, the most modern item inside being the metal carcass of a 1969 Honda CB160 motorcycle that can be found in the living room.
David admits that when it comes to his home, he doesn't want anything too complicated, but instead wishes for a place to relax and get some peace and quiet.

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