The Most Delicious Calendar Ever

The Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar is something totally out of this world! It's the first ever calendar in the world created from tea leaves. All of the 365 calendar days can be individually detached and brewed directly in a hot cup of water.
While this brilliant idea is something that's bound to get attention, the calendar isn't available for purchase just yet, but instead was send exclusively to selected business partners. Hmm, that only makes you want it more, doesn't it?

"It all started with the idea to merge the traditional product tea with one of the world’s oldest promotional gifts, the calendar. And it led to the creation of a unique annual calendar - made of real tea. It consists of 365 calendar pages formed from tea, pressed very thinly and delicately flavoured. This sensational new product idea was launched in a joint project with the creative agency Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, and has won several international design awards since.
The Tea Calendar was produced as a limited special edition. It was laboriously handcrafted and is not for sale. This first edition will be followed by an extensive development period until the Tea Calendar is ready for the market.
In the meantime, we invite you to have a look at all the other innovative products Hälssen & Lyon offers to clients - from our patented tea-to-go system to state-of-the-art flavouring techniques."

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  1. Amazing the tea Calendar!! Wowww


    Rubén & Nerea ❤

  2. wow!! what a great idea :)